The Artisan Tea House was established in Taiwan in 2009
Opened its first flagship store in Humen, Dongguan in 2018
Since its inception, the singer has carefully selected Taiwanese ingredients and selected the world.
The high-quality tea in the land, and among the many types of sugar, the high-quality, healthy and low-burden Taiwanese special-grade granulated sugar is selected, and the perfect ratio of ancestral ancient methods is used.
Let's cook it yourself, so that every customer can taste the purest taste of sugar and create a taste that is light and light.


Product Series

  • Popular products
  • Nine major themes
  • Baking goods

Taro milk

Fresh taro + concentrated milk - unique taste, let you fall in love with a drink...

Black sugar pearl milk

Q bomb's brown sugar pearl + ranch direct fresh milk - let you stop and take a stop

Lemon King

Fresh lemon + rich tea - sour and sweet!

Kumquat Lemon Juice

The squeezed kumquat lemon - a very unique taste!

White Gourd Tea with Grass Jelly

Taiwan melon + Taiwan fairy grass - unique taste makes you drink!

Pure tea

Ancient early black tea
Selected black tea
Jasmine green tea
Charcoal baked oolong tea
Four Seasons Green Tea
Secret thick milk tea

Fruit tea

One lemon
Kumquat lemon
Passion fruit
Lemon Mint Iced Tea
Cranberry Iced Tea


Ancient early grandma
Black tea grandma
Green tea grandma
Oolong Grandma
Black sugar grandma
Black Sugar Pearl Grandma
Japanese Matcha Grandma
See the mud (steamed milk)

Fresh juice

First knowledge (Pitaya + Kiwi)
Fall in love (fire dragon fruit + apple)
Holiday (Pitaya + Avocado)
Marriage contract (fire dragon fruit + incense)
Wedding (Bale + Orange)
Honeymoon (avocado + incense)


Cranberry Bubble
Purple Grape Bubble
Blueberry Bubble
Lemon mint bubble

White gourd tea

Ancient early winter melon tea
Winter melon oolong
Winter melon grass
Winter melon lemon
Domineering melon (pearl + QQ)
Winter melon fresh milk
Winter melon grass love milk


American Coffee
Caramel macchiato

Hot drinks

Ginger tea
Longan red jujube tea
Bergamot teak tea
Cocoa latte
Brown sugar latte

Let's eat

Taiwanese meat sauce sandwich
Classic Spaghetti Bolognese
Salt crispy chicken
French fries

Activity project

Direct store

Dongguan area

  • Dongguan Head Office

  • Dongguan Head Office

Headquarters address:1st Floor, Jinhui Building, No. 3, Yanjiang Road, Weiyuan, Humen Town, Dongguan City

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